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BSc (HONS) Supply Chain Management

Course ID


Intake Months

January / June


15 Months

Payment Mode

  • Monthly Installment Scheme
  • Company Sponsored

Entry Requirement

  • Diploma in Purchasing,Logistics,Supply Chain Management with working experience
  • Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Supply

Course Outline

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy

  • To understand how to formulate longer term strategy in areas of supply chain such as the competitive position such as their own firm in the chain.
  • To understand the amount and location of both productive capacity and distribution facilities.
  • To understand the relationships and commercial arrangements with other partners in the chain and the development implementation of appropriate information systems.

Research and Problem Solving

The aims of the module are to enable you to:-

  • Reflect upon the research process, comparing and contrasting with problem solving approaches from the world of work
  • Formulate research questions and problem statements
  • Identify and critically evaluate existing knowledge related to the research or problem area
  • Develop strategies and plans to answer research questions and solve business and management problems
  • Appraise a range of research and problem solving techniques in the context of business and management
  • Reflect upon ethical, practical and implementation issues in the conduct of the research/problem solving exercise
  • Select and implement appropriate data collection and analysis techniques
  • Critically evaluate findings and present conclusions

Logistics and Operations Management

  • To develop an understanding of the significance of logistics in the supply chain.
  • To develop the ability to construct and use analytical models for decision making in typical industry logistics settings.
  • To enable students to select and implement appropriate logistics and operations management theory in the solution of real world industry problems.
  • To enable the planning and control of operations from one-off projects through to high volume repetitive manufacture and distribution.
  • To develop the ability to generate solutions to realistic contemporary logistics problems.

Procurement Management

  • Extend your knowledge of the critical importance of procurement to the success of organisations
  • Develop a critical understanding of the trends in organisations and their procurement practices
  • Critically evaluate the procurement process in a range of organisations
  • Acquire an understanding of how the procurement process is typically distributed within organisations (the procurement function and organisational structures)
  • Critically evaluate the development and management of supplier relationships
  • Extend your knowledge of generic procurement legal aspects


To provide the students with the opportunity to:

  • To provide the student with the opportunity to: Study an area of particular interest whilst developing skills in researching sources of information, problem solving and communication
  • Work independently to meet the requirements of a project sponsor with guidance from a project supervisor and the project co-coordinator
  • Update PDP and develop enhanced personal skills