Professional Diploma
awarded by:
University Teknologi Malaysia (UTMSPACE)

School of Professional and Continuing Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or better known as UTMSPACE began in July 1993 when it was established in accordance to the government’s call to increase the number of quality human resource in the country. UTMSPACE provides an alternative path in education to give opportunities to those lacking the chance to follow the mainstream education system.

In line with UTMSPACE vision to be the centre of excellence in continuing education, UTMSPACE will from time to time, identify and attempt to fulfil the community’s demands.

UTMSPACE marked its own history on 28th January 2011, when UTMSPACE was officially registered as a Limited Company by Guarantee. With this change, UTMSPACE now acts as a business branch of UTM which concentrates on the development of lifelong learning. In line with its mission, UTMSPACE aims to lead the development of innovative and creative human capital through quality lifelong education.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management