Thanks to SCMPC for your professional contributions and support along the way. Your fruitful advice and assistance has definitely helped us to be where we are today.

To University of Bolton, for the wonderful coursework that has equipped us well to bring value to our future endeavors. I feel blessed as years at university were special, because they had helped us shape ourselves to become individuals we are today. Without that precious experience my life would be something completely different. I would not have such features of character as determination, self-confidence, purposefulness and commitment.

joanna ooi testi

Through the university and SCMPC we have the means to earn this esteemed qualification today. The collaboration between the University of Bolton and SCMPC has also enhanced the value of our learning experience in higher education. For that we truly express our heartfelt gratitude.

As working adults, we do get distracted and engrossed with other priorities, along the way. It is in moments like these that SCMPC helped the students to get back on track through their dedicated follow up and assistance. Their supportive and caring nature clearly differentiated SCMPC from other academic institutions around. We wish SCMPC and the University of Bolton all the very best for new programmes and future intakes to benefit more students.

anne lorraine testi

The BSc (Hons) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management offered by University of Bolton, UK in collaboration with SCMPC has given us the breadth of supply chain exposure that we need to take our career to the next level. Not only we were able to learn directly from the experienced academic workforce of University of Bolton, we were also able to learn from a talented group of fellow students who brought diverse supply chain skills set and background to the course. The course has been tailored to meet the needs and schedules of adult student which further enhances the attractiveness of the course. Equipped with confidence, a solid academic foundation and work experience, I now/ believe to be on the right track to career fulfillment in the supply chain and logistics industry.

I would like to thank University of Bolton and SCMPC for the innovative and collaborative partnership that has provided us with a platform to continue of studies in the field of supply chain management. If it was not for this great collaboration, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to earn a degree from a prestigious UK university like University of Bolton. Thank you for opening your doors, and in turn, our horizons. I hope that this collaborative venture will flourish to greater heights with continuous improvements in the future.

Thank you to the lecturers of University of Bolton and the local tutors who displayed boundless passion and dedication for enhancing our learning experience with directions and constructive feedback throughout the course.

anitha sunmugan testi